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  1. Tortoise Recycled Glassware Collection

    Set the table in high style and sophistication with our tortoise glassware collection. This classic set is handmade using 100% recycled materials in Mexico. The art of glassmaking has been practiced in Mexico for centuries and artisans hand down the trade from generation to generation. The artisans who crafted this collection worked in fair-trade conditions to handcraft each beautiful and timelessly patterned piece. Eco-friendly and fair-trade meet chic and stylish in a collection you’ll enjoy seeing on the table time and time again.
    • This timeless tortoise collection is hand crafted by glass artisans for your eco-chic table
    • Handmade in Mexico
    • Made using recycled materials

    $39.00 - $69.00

  2. Sale!

    Handwoven Recycled Rubber Indoor/Outdoor Placemats - Set of 4

    Artisans in India use polypropylene and recycled tube rubber to create this outdoor dining décor. The result is a collection of home and patio table accents that’s water and mildew resistant, UV stabilized, and highly durable. Use on your patio, porch, or deck to add sustainable style to your outdoor entertaining spaces. The placemat collection works inside the home as well.

    • An earth-friendly set of 4 indoor or outdoor placemats that add style to any table in the eco-home
    • Made in India
    • Sustainably made using recycled rubber
    • 18"L x 13"W
  3. Teak and Blown Glass Tube Vase

    Artisan-made in Indonesia, molten glass is poured over a reclaimed teak wood root to create this breathtaking sculpture. The glass flows over the curves of the wood, looking as if it's frozen in time. Each vessel is made to fit a specific root, and the pairs will all be one-of-a-kind. Create your own eco-chic display by filling the glass with other natural materials such as flowers and more.

    Download our Teak Wood Care & Information Card

  4. New!

    Rubberwood Slotted Bread Slicing Tray

    Crafted in China from earth-friendly Rubberwood, this bread tray is a cut above the rest. Rubberwood is a tropical hardwood obtained from the Pará rubber tree grown in rubber plantations where trees that have already served a useful function. The trays evenly spaced slots allow you to slice with ease and without a mess as it catches crumbs. It holds your bread in place and guides your knife to ensure you never squish your bread while slicing.

    • Crafted using sustainably sourced wood and crafted by hand
    • Crafted in China
    • 26"L x 4"W x 2"H
    • Features 10 slicing slots and loop handled end for hanging and storage
  5. New!

    Golden Shore Recycled Glassware Collection

    Like tropical waters meeting golden seashores, green and amber shades of mouth-blown recycled glass merge in this stunning glassware collection. Glassblowing artisans in Mexico make every piece by hand. Each glass is made with integrity and eco-friendly values as well, and is crafted using 100% recycled glass. Invited them to the table at your next earth-friendly dinner or gathering, as they are sure to bring style and calming color.

    • Inspired by the colors of the ocean meeting the shore, these beautiful glasses have a lovely color combination.
    • Made in Mexico
    • Artisan-made from recycled glass
    • Mouth-blown glasswork
    • Hand wash only

    $59.00 - $79.00

  6. Sale!

    Granite Slab Vase Display

    Each of these stately vase displays is created using upcycled granite soured in the USA and recycled glass. Not only does it add a piece of unique and nature-made décor to your home, but also it possesses an eco-friendly elegance. The glass and stone beautifully contrast to create a modern display. Fill the three small vases with cut flowers and more to give it even more natural style. Expect variations in color and size.

    • Crafted using beautiful natural stone sourced in the USA, and recycled glass
    • Handmade in the USA
    • Stone approx. 16”L x 8”W x 2”H, Vase height 7.5”
    • Perfect for displaying cut flowers and blooms
  7. New!

    Stainless Steel Twist Flatware

    This flatware features an extremely intricate and unique design, the twisted and turned steel of the handle is in an intriguing braided design. Unique yet subtle, it is a beautiful complement to any table. Its simplicity makes it timeless and durable stainless steel will last for many years to come.

    • This elegant flatware features uniquely braided stainless steel handles.
    • Made in India
    • 100% stainless steel
    • Available as a 4 piece single place setting or 16 piece full table setting.

    $39.00 - $129.00

  8. Sale!

    Multicolor Utensil Holder - Set of 4

    Regular Price: $69.00

    Special Price $47.99

  9. Shima Ceramic Dinnerware Collection

    Renowned for their ceramic work and beautiful glazes, Japanese artisans design the most exquisite ceramic dinnerware. The Shima series features perfectly imperfect organic shapes, and a milky glaze accented with a single delicate line that runs through the middle of each piece. The soft glaze is perfectly contrasted by the clean line, which gives the collection Zen modernity. These mugs are great for everyday use and any occasion when you want to bring a touch of Japanese Zen-style inspiration to the table.

    • Designed and made in Japan
    • Microwave and dishwasher safe
    • 24-Piece Set includes 4 of each piece

    $39.00 - $399.00

  10. Aquatic Life Recycled Glass Bowls

    Made in Mexico, where glass blowing arts have been practiced for centuries, these bowls are quality crafted using recycled glass. Artisans make each one and sand blast the ocean creatures on every bowl by hand. They are perfectly sized for serving and definitely add a splash of color and artisan-made charm to your table.

    • These artisan glass blown serving bowls feature beautiful aquatic life motifs and spots of color
    • Made in Mexico
    • Hand wash only
    • 100% Recycled Glass

    $19.98 - $51.98

  11. Two-Tiered Copper Countertop Basket

    An on-trend copper finish and multifunctional design make this countertop storage and organization basket a must have. Made of iron with a copper finish, it’s sturdy and well designed with two basket sizes. We love it for organizing the kitchen counter; fill it with anything from produce to pantry staples you want always within reach. Plus, use it in the bathroom for a spa-like display of towels, soaps, and other toiletries and cosmetics.
    • A stylish option for countertop organization and displays
    • An accents that easily introduces on-trend copper in any room both functionally and fashionably
    • Made in China
    • 20”H x 14.25” diameter
  12. New!

    Copper Banded Wooden Bowl

    This handcrafted bowl has a simple design, but makes a big style statement. It truly exhibits the natural beauty of mango wood and is finished off with elegant copper-finished aluminum banding for a hit of shine. Fairly large in size, it can be used to create striking decorative and serving displays. Perhaps its best feature it its sustainable origin, as it is made from responsibly sourced mango wood. After a mango tree stops producing fruit, it is cut down to be replaced and it is discarded. Here, it has a second life as a gorgeous and handcrafted wooden bowl.

    • Crafted from sustainable mango wood with a copper-finished aluminum rim.
    • Made in India
    • Crafted using responsibly sourced mango wood
    • 7.75"H x 16"Dia.
  13. Sale!

    Bright Bubbled Artisan Blown Recycled Glass Beverage Dispenser

    Entertain and serve and eco-style this season. This beautiful recycled glass beverage dispenser is artisan made in Mexico and sure to add unique style to your next gathering. The large opening allows for easy filling with your favorite cold beverage. A part of our Bright Bubbled Recycled Glassware Collection, each one is handmade by glass blowing artisans in Tonalá, Jalisco, Mexico. These artisans learned their unique trade from the generations before them, as glass blowing has been a traditional craft in Mexico for over 500 years. This collection brings both bold color and beautiful forms to your table, while also giving it a uniquely eco-friendly quality.

    • This bold beverage dispenser will brighten up your next eco-friendly backyard get-together or alfresco dinner
    • Made in Mexico
    • 100% Recycled Glass
    • 2.3 Gallon Capacity
    • 9.5"L x 7"W x 15.75"H
    • Not suggested for use with hot beverages. Do not microwave. Hand wash only.
  14. Hinged Frame Test Tube Vase

    This delicate centerpiece is one you will never to tired of seeing, because you can change it as often as you would like. The myriad of possibilities the brass brazed, recycled iron frame provides makes this piece customizable to fit on any shelf, table, or counter top in your home. The jointed frame is filled with delicate borosilicate glass test tube-style vases, ideal for filling with flowers and sprigs of your favorite seasonal foliage. Each one is handmade in India to ensure quality craftsmanship and a one-of-a-kind item for your unique décor. Comes with 2 extra vase tubes.

    • A unique vase display that you can change up to fit any space, anytime. You'll never grow tired of its transformative style.
    • Crafted in India
    • Holds 22 test tube vases
    • Approximately 39.5"L x 2"W x 12"H
    • Includes 2 additional replacement test tubes
  15. New!

    Stainless Steel Feather Flatware

    Inspired by the natural beauty of a delicate feather, these flatware pieces have a elegant style that will enhance any table setting. But don’t be confused by their dainty design. Crafted from 100% stainless steel, they are durable and high performing. This collection will serve you and every dinner setting you create for years to come.

    • These high quality flatware pieces feature a nature-inspired feather design.
    • Made in India
    • Available in a 4 piece place setting or 16 piece table setting.
    • Stainless Steel

    $39.00 - $129.00

  16. Brazilian Soapstone Lidded Pot Collection

    Invite these handcrafted blocks of solid natural, non-toxic soapstone to your next dinner party. Made in Brazil, where sustainable and energy-conserving stone cooing has been used for centuries, they are expertly crafted cookware pieces for your eco-home and kitchen. Cooking with stone is a sustainable way to reduce energy consumption; because of its thickness and density, it retains heat twice as long as conventional metal cookware thereby reducing cooking times. Additionally, this allows them to be excellent serving pieces, as they will hold warmth after removed from the stove, grill, or oven and keep your food the perfect temperature once on the table. The shiny copper handles and hardware contrast beautifully with the matte gray stone for a look that's equal portions modern, rustic and elegant.

    Curing is required before use, but once cured these eco-friendly cookware pieces can last a lifetime with proper care.
    • Handcrafted block of solid natural, non-toxic soapstone cookware accented with beautiful copper hardware
    • Reduces cook time and conserves energy. Useful as cookware and serveware
    • Made in Brazil where sustainable stone cooking has been used for centuries

    Download our Brazilian Soapstone Care & Information Card

    $99.00 - $175.00

  17. Flecked and Specked Recycled Glassware Collection

    This glassware collection if full of the most charming details we have ever seen. Glass blowing artisans in Mexico, to whom one can attribute the delightfully uneven, organic shape of each piece I the set, handcraft the entire collection using recycled glass. Every glass, pitcher and bowl has a one-of-a-kind form, unique speckled pattern, and eco-friendly story. The bold colors and eye-catchingly unusual look brings a fresh vibrancy to the table that’s sure to elevate the mood at your next dinner party or family meal.

    • A colorful artisan glass blown glassware collection
    • Made in Mexico
    • Collection includes short tumblers, tall tumblers, wine goblets, serving bowls, and pitchers
    • Made using eco-friendly recycled glass

    $33.98 - $54.98

  18. New!

    Satori Sunrise Ceramic Dinnerware Collection

    Handmade ceramic and a cool color combination earn this collection the name satori, meaning “sudden enlightenment”, which these pieces will surely bring to your dining style. We love the natural tones and texture of the design. The way the greenish blue glazed edges meat the speckled golden tan surfaces reminds us of the way the sea meets the shore. Each piece is crafted in china from beautiful and durable ceramic and hand glazed.

    • Named “satori”, which means sudden enlightenment.
    • Made in China
    • Handcrafted using genuine ceramic
    • Microwave and dishwasher safe
    • The collection includes: Salad Plates, Dinner Plates, bowls and Mugs

    $35.00 - $179.00

  19. Sale!

    Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Diamond Placemats - Set of 4

    Artisans in India use polypropylene to create these versatile, reversible outdoor dining décor. The result is a collection of home and patio table accents that’s water and mildew resistant, UV stabilized, and highly durable. Use on your patio, porch, or deck to add sustainable style to your outdoor entertaining spaces. The placemat collection works inside the home as well.

    • An earth-friendly set of 4 indoor or outdoor placemats that add style to any table in the eco-home
    • Made in India
    • Made using durable polypropylene
    • 18"L x 13"W

    Regular Price: $39.00

    Special Price $30.98

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