Twisty Stool

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Add a stunning touch of sophistication and elegance to any space with these beautiful Twisty Stools. Incredibly versatile, each handmade piece can function as a useful stool, an end table, or a charming accent piece. Carefully crafted with fine attention to detail, these artisan-made stools are carved by hand from a single piece of sustainable monkey pod wood. Each truly unique wooden stool displays the natural beauty of the wood in a breathtaking silhouette. Available in two sizes, each is a practical, impressive addition to your home décor. Each piece is truly unique—no two stools will be exactly alike due to natural variations in the wood and the artisan hands that carved it. Touch up the all-natural finish with lemon oil to maintain its luster and shine. There's no end to the uses you'll find for these amazing artisan pieces. TALL 12"SQ x 23"H, SHORT 12"SQ x 18"H
Eco Info
I knew that each of our Twist Stools was chiseled from a stump of sustainable wood-but it was only when we visited the villages and witnessed the process at first-hand, that I realized the legacy of carving skills needed to create each one.

One man with a set of chisels was turning out an extremely urbane piece of furniture by chipping away at the wood as he sat cross-legged on the ground. Slowly, meticulously, he sculpted flowing ribbons of grain around the center cavity that he hollowed out. He worked with such sureness that he was able to create a perfect symmetry between the stool's twisting sides using his own expert sense of proportion.

Once he's finished, another worker in the small studio sanded away the chisel ridges. After that the stool was carried to a group of village grandmothers who apply the Twist Stool's wax finish-by hand.

Nobody who works on these stools, I noticed, hurries. The time it takes to complete one stool is however long it takes to do the work exactly the way it was meant to be done. No faster or slower than that.
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Note: The wood grain, color and finish will differ due to the natural variations in each piece of monkey pod wood used to create these unique stools. Some pieces may also display distinctive natural tree knots that make each piece truly unique. Wipe with lemon oil to maintain luster and shine.

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Twisty Stool (set of 2, 23") ($20 surcharge)

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