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Bell Rain Chain & Receptacle



Originating from Japan centuries ago, rain chains have traditionally been used as decorative downspouts on both temples and homes. Our copper Temple Bell rain chain offers an aesthetically pleasing yet functional purpose as they guide rainwater from the rooftop to the ground through the handcrafted copper channels. A beautiful natural patina will develop over time providing you with a pleasing water feature for your home when it rains.

*Sustainable tip- use rain chains to direct rainwater into barrels where you can utilize the water for your garden and other landscape needs. Perfect for water conservation!

  • Handcrafted with superior workmanship in India
  • Made of steel with a beautiful copper finish
  • Provides a pleasing sound alternative to gutter downspouts
  • Temple Bell Rain Chain 96"L x 3"Dia.
  • Rain Chain Receptacle 3.25"H x 13"Dia.
  • Additional Information

    SKU V0858/V0865
    Product Type Chimes
    Dimensions Bell Rain Chain: 96"L x 3" diameter
    Rain Chain Receptacle: 3.25"H x 13" diameter
    Made in India
    Eco Info Metals are an endlessly recyclable resource, and this home accent, made of steel, can be recycled after use! (Check with your local recycling facilities to learn how.)

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