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Create an unforgettable holiday moment

create an unforgettable holiday moment

Celebrating holiday moments, although feeling different, is especially important this year. Decorating the Over the Table Rod not only is a perfect way to dress up the holiday table but also a fun new tradition that the whole family can participate with. We made it easy for you to set up dazzling displays that delight your small family gathering and make it the best holiday yet!

shop lighted garland

An essential element for a dazzling display is the use of lights. Our Birch Lighted Garland is studded with 165 warm white micro LED lights on flexible branches that bend to fit around whatever you’re decorating. Used indoor or out, this garland welcomes the holidays beautifully.

shop silver dollar branch spray

The pearly luminescence of the lunaria plant inspired these Shimmering Silver Dollar accents that set a seasonal mood to your home. Handcrafted from paper, the opaque leaves have a light iridescent dusting adding subtle shimmer. It creates a perfect backdrop for the base of your rod.

shop silver dollar ornament

The gold finish on the leaves of this Silver Dollar ornament has a brilliant shimmer that sets a glimmering tone and adds a touch of opulence to the display as it catches the light from the garland. Add your own sentimental ornaments as well to personalize the collection, creating conversational moments throughout the meal.

shop silver dollar votives

With a candle or string lights placed inside, these laser-etched silver dollar Glass Hurricane Candle Holders bestow a shimmering, luminous glow as the centerpiece for the table. A gold finish inside the glass is set off by the glow of light when lit.

shop golwe dinnerware

Handmade in South Africa, this Golwe Ceramic Dinnerware set combines neutral tones and organic functionality drawn from nature. Combining this neutral dinnerware to your holiday table adds handmade appeal and uniqueness in its one-of-a-kind artistry.

shop small space deocrating inspiration

Our final bit of advice is to stick to a simple color palette and nature-inspired materials. Not only does it look beautiful, but it makes things a little easier on yourself. Find these and more unique ideas in our holiday decoration guide


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