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Easy Meals Cooked & Served in Eco-Style

There is no meal that compares to one made in the heart of your own home, or especially to one made and served with earth-friendly values on the mind. However, in a busy world, many of us find ourselves short on time to prepare meals for our families, friends, or even just ourselves. Not to mention, short on time to stop and think of the environmental impacts we could be making in our kitchens. The consideration of this impact need not be burdensome, however! With just a single investment into cookware, serveware or dinnerware you can change the way your serve every meal. We have a few tips on how to improve the environmental of your dinners, lunches and more from point A to point B.

It starts with energy efficient cooking.

Natursen cookware

New to our spring collection is a line of natural stone cookware, Natursten™, which offers both a beautiful and energy efficient way to prepare a meal. The dense stone retains temperature longer than your average pot, pan, or grill to reduce cooking times and therefore reduce energy use. Save time and resources by turning the stove off a few minutes sooner and letting the stoneware do the rest. 

It continues with sustainable serveware.

Indigo Enamel Coated Mango Wood Serveware

Natursten™ cookware even continues to help here. Save water (and time) by skipping washing an extra dish! Let it cool and take these cookware pieces straight to the table without dirtying another serving dish. The beautiful stone surfaces and metal hardware make them gorgeous serving pieces too. For the dishes you don’t need to cook, such as salads, we recommend serving them in our bold Jesse’s Indigo Enamel Coated Mango Wood pieces. Mango wood is a sustainably harvestable wood due both to its fast growth and the need to discard of non-fruit producing trees. In the past, mango trees that had reached maturity and stopped producing fruit were cut down and left to rot. Today, many manufacturers and designers have discovered a better purpose for these beautiful trees. In this serving collection, mango wood is coated in food-safe enamel and features a gorgeous indigo dyed pattern that brings both sustainability and bold pattern and color to your table.

It ends with recycled dinnerware.

bright bubbled turquoise recycled glass drinkware collection

From our new recycled glass drinkware collection to our signature SeaGlass dinnerware, setting an inspired and eco-friendly table is a breeze. The Bright & Bubbled Drinkware in our newest Spring collection is available in three cheerful colors and a variety of glassware styles. So you’ll be set to serve up refreshing lemonade for the family or glasses of chardonnay to friends. Mix the cobalt collection in with Jesse’s Indigo Enamel Coated Mango Wood plates & blows for the ultimate eco-setting.

You’ll find every piece you need for creating a quick and eco-chic dining experience in our Spring 2017 collection. From your kitchen to the table, there is a sustainable, eco-conscious, or recycled collection that encompasses fashion and function during every step of the way! 

Thu Dec 07 01:36:41 EST 2023