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How-To: Create Your Own VivaTerra Style Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are not only an on-trend wall art solution, but they are perfect for setting the tone and style of a room in a way that a single statement wall piece often can’t. If you’re thinking to yourself, “I want it to say all-natural, but also be modern. Definitely Zen, but also a little rustic”, you’ll be hard pressed to find the perfect abstract painting that screams exactly that. With a collection of curated, smaller pieces however, each item in your gallery collection has its own voice. And when brought together, all of the pieces can harmoniously say just what you wanted them to say as a whole.

If you want to create your own natural, modern, Zen, yet rustic, VivaTerra style gallery wall, look no further than our fall collection. Full of linen canvas prints, natural materials, and unique wall art items, you’ll have a custom display in no time that sets the tone of your room perfectly. This example from our fall catalog is a great inspiration to start with! Let’s break down why it works…

Gallery Wall

1. Vintage Fir Trestle Console Table

It is important to know, of course, where you’re going to hang your new gallery. Over the couch or bed is a great choice, but they work nearly anywhere. If you are not placing your art over an existing furnishing piece, you may want to ground it with something like a slim console table. We choose our reclaimed wood console table because it says, “rustic” without a doubt.

2. Black & White Linen Sketch Prints

Using just a few coordinating sets of prints or other pieces really takes the guesswork out of creating your display. You know they go together—it’s that simple! By incorporating a set of art pieces, you kill two birds with one stone. Now you’ve got two items picked out, just a few more to go!

3. Face of Buddha Linen Canvas Print

Your next piece should coordinate with your first two, but also serve its own purpose on your wall. Here, Buddha definitely—and effortlessly—sets the tone to Zen-style. He also matches the first two items in shape, texture, and color.

*Tip: Lay your pieces out on the floor first to get a feel for spacing and position.

4. Reclaimed Barn Wood Three-Photo Frame

Not everything has to hang! Think of what’s below your assemblage of wall art as part of the gallery too. Our barn wood frame adds an additional rustic element and also adds a warm custom touch to the display by incorporating your personal memories.

5. Planters

Because what says, “all-natural” better than living décor? These planters add life and dimension to the wall. Plus, they offer both horizontal and vertical lines to pull the eye where you want it to go and to better fit your space. Think out of the box, your gallery can hold more than just traditional wall hangings—have fun.

6. Life is Beautiful Industrial Wall Sign

Sometimes when you know what you want your space to say, the best thing to do is just say it. Our industrial sign brings in an additional material and a bold finishing touch to top-off the entire look.

Shop our" target="_blank">full fall collection to find these pieces and many more that can help you create a gallery style wall display with signature VivaTerra Style!

Wed Nov 29 13:59:18 EST 2023