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Make Your Own Herb Bundles

Fresh herb bundles are one of the easiest ways to brighten and liven your home anytime of year. We love the delicate smell of lavender that is accentuated by a bundle of rosemary, and wanted to find a way to incorporate it throughout the home. Each bundle is easy to make, and the perfect compliment to an indoor herb garden.

Even though it is a cold winter for many of us, we keep an indoor living herb garden that is the perfect source of fresh herbs even in the winter. Don't have an herb garden? No worries! Farmer's markets and local grocery stores are a good place to go for fresh herb plants.


There are so many things you can do with these herb bundles and here are some of our favorites:

1. Hang on a card wreath, mantle or door to keep your home fresh smelling and lively.

2. Leave on a bedside table for sweet-smelling dreams.

3. Wash the bundles and use them for cooking such as roasting meats, seafood, or vegetables. We have also used them to add some flavor in our homemade vegetable stock.

4. Drop them into a warm bath for some therapeutic spa time.


How to make your own fresh herb bundles:


20 4 inch long herb stems, we use lavender and rosemary

Kitchen twine



1. Trim the herb stems so that they are neat and clean

2. Bundle about 10 herb stems with the longest stems towards the center and the smaller ones on the outside of the bundle.

3. Lay a 6 inch strand of twine on the table horizontally and place the bundle at the center of the twine so that the stems are perpendicular to the twine. Using the twine, tie a knot around the stems. Wrap the twine around the stems and knot again.


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