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Mid-Century Modern–A Style That's Always in Style

The purpose this clean and simple design style served at the time of its onset remains the purpose it serves today: Its sleek design fits perfectly in smaller spaces and it blends in with any other décor. I don't know if there's another time period with such an amount of creative, beautiful, and highly-functional design in home furnishings. In just the last 50 years, mid-century design as reemerged as the new cool thing at least five times, and I expect it will be the cool new thing five more times in the next 50 to come.

Designers and tastemakers are continually trying to identify what the next "mid-century modern" might be—and we here at VivaTerra are no exception. While there's been a clear shift away from fully outfitted Mid-Century Modern interiors, towards a more eclectic look that mixes pieces from different eras, I don't think these designs will ever truly fade away. It will be a long time before we see another iconic style that has it's the strength and staying power. Tuscan, Art Deco—the list goes on— have a distinct look and have certainly had their heyday. Yet, no style can compete with the versatility and accessibility of mid-century modern pieces.

The majority of mid-century designs had already gone out of fashion by the late 60's but managed to reemerge in the mid-eighties when interest in the period began to peak again. Within no time mid-century designs were back in vogue. Both designers and home owners were enamored by the crisp clean lines and simple construction. In the 90's, collectors began to pay top dollar for original designs, with pieces selling for $10,000 or more. By 1999, a truly unique mid-century, George Nelson Marshmallow sofa, sold for $66,000!

Because we admire this iconic style and understand the value of a piece that represents the original principles of this design movement, we aim to stay true to the expectations of a mid-century inspired design while still incorporating a handcrafted, sustainably harvested wood product. Designs within our Vintage Fir™ Collection reflect a true mid-century look while using reclaimed California Fir lumber, lumber that likely came from buildings during the era when the style first became popular.

If you love Mid-Century Modern pieces, you'll love many of the furnishings from our new Fall 2017 collections. Our beautiful and functional consoles are all handcrafted from sustainably harvested Sheesham or Mango wood and the York Studio Collection combines refined woods, crisp lines, and an understated appearance to create a mid-century inspired, urban environment anywhere.

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