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Vibrant Recycled Glass from Mexico

Consider the most colorful collection of artisan-made glassware for your summer gatherings! Our top picks for summer soirees include our vibrant recycled glass collection from Mexico.
Defined by bright color, uniquely textured organic shapes, this artisan crafted glassware is an eco-friendly eye-catcher. Each piece uses the material from at least three soda bottles, removing literal tons of waste from landfills and diminishing demand for new material.
Go on, tell me more! Sure thing- glass blowing is an ancient art dating back to the first century BC. Sometime in the mid-1500s, the very first glass made in North America was produced in Puebla Mexico by artisans brought to Mexico by the Spanish. For centuries, with nothing more than a globule of molten glass, some primitive tools, and a long hollow pipe, these skilled artisans managed to produce glass items in a variety of shapes and sizes.

We work with a team of artisans to create one-of-a-kind collections to give your tabletop a festive look for the season.

Artisan Glass Collection

1. Maya Glassware, margarita glasses in Aquamarine.  The Maya Collection is enhanced with a crackle accent that adds an extra layer of interest.  Sold in sets of four. 

2. Riviera Glassware  Inspired by the sea and sky, our Riviera Recycled Glassware Collection is dappled with bits of color, transforming salvaged glass into beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces of glassware.  All items sold in sets of four.

3. Color Rim Recycled Glasses  Each beautiful piece of Color Rim Glassware has its own unique characteristics and a solid, weighty feel.  This simple yet elegant collection has been designed to combine traditional handcrafted skills with modern influences to produce a great look that will enhance any party setting.  Sold in sets of two.

4. Rainbow Recycled Vase A simple ring of color brings this recycled glass vase an elevated look. A stunning addition to your table.

5. Confetti Recycled Glassware Collection  Confetti-like sprinkles of colored glass make each glass a unique creation to cradle your favorite cool drink. Color variations are to be expected, and are part of their unique charm.  Sold in sets of four. 


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