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The Kantha Craze

By now, you’ve probably noticed the rapidly popularizing kantha textile popping up all around the web. From the latest bedroom accent of your favorite interior design blogger to your Pinterest feed, kantha throws, pillows and upholstered items are showing up everywhere. So what’s the big deal?

Commonly, kantha products have a patchwork-style aesthetic quality. Take for example our kantha-upholstered love seat. The word kantha however, refers to the style of the stitching applied to the fabric rather than the fabric itself. Artisans in parts of east South Asia and West Bengal, India have long practiced this traditional hand-stitching technique. Customarily, kantha textiles are created from the recycled remnants of worn garments such as saris. Artisans layer the vintage cotton fabrics and hand-embroider them with a running stitch.  Stitching can be in simple rows or form intricate patterns across the textile. In the past, they were often embroidered with motifs depicting tales of local folklore and legends, and were used in celebrations such as births and weddings. The end result is an elaborate patchwork of repurposed fabrics with a plush yet durable texture and a rich history.

At VivaTerra, we love kantha products because of the artistry and craftsmanship invested into making each one. The handmade quality and use of repurposed materials makes each and every kantha work a unique, eco-friendly piece. Plus, it makes every kantha item you order a tiny surprise!

We especially love the history woven into the pieces. Every patch has a story, just like every artisan who gathers and stitches them. And in their new life as a colorful and character-filled accent in your home, we like to believe they are still gathering special parts of their story. With that, it is easy to see why kantha stitching is sweeping the interior design community off its feet. And from our exclusive kantha hanging light to our one-of-a-kind paneled headboard, there are so many ways to introduce this culturally rich and beautifully crafted textile to your home.


Wed Nov 29 12:46:38 EST 2023