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  1. Recycled Golden Teak Ladder

    This eco-friendly ladder is crafted in Thailand from recycled golden teak wood. The wood's beautiful hue and moisture resistance makes it a welcome addition to any space in your home, including the bathroom. Hang towels and blankets indoors, or even take it outside for use in the garden. Some simple assembly is required.

    Download our Teak Wood Care & Information Card

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    Recycled Teak Wood Bar Hooks

    Rustic and practical, these wall hooks are excellent organizers for any room in your home. Made from salvaged teak, they bring in an all-natural element to your space, while also adding a great place to hang hats, coat, towels, belts, book bags and more.

    Download our Teak Wood Care & Information Card



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    Reclaimed Teak Branch Runner & Placemats

    We assembled this unique teak collection by slicing cross sections of reclaimed teak branches that would otherwise be burned, then sizing the individual slices to form a natural parquet pattern on a brown felt backing. No two designs are the same.

    Download our Teak Wood Care & Information Card

    $11.98 - $62.98

    $4.55 - $54.88

  4. Antiqued Iron and Reclaimed Wood Wall Hooks - Set of 2

    The traditional style of these silvered iron hooks are given an eco-friendly update when mounted to reclaimed wood blocks. Add rustic style effortlessly to your entryway, bathroom or bedroom with the characteristic look of deep stained reclaimed wood.

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    Batasha Recycled Glass Globe Lamps

    Named for its resemblance to a popular sweet treat in northern India, batasha sugar drops, this glowing globe-like lamp is a sweet addition to your décor as well. The elaborate pattern of small, translucent circles allows light to shine through causing the spherical lamps to give off a charming, ambient glow. Each circle is created using recycled glass, so it’s also giving off an eco-friendly glow!

    • These eco-chic recycled glass globe lights offer a soft and colorful lighting accent
    • Crafted in India
    • Made of Recycled Glass
    • 14.5"H x 13.5" Diameter Cord: 7'
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    Batasha Recycled Glass Candle Holders

    Named for its resemblance to a popular sweet treat in northern India, batasha sugar drops, these glowing tealight candle holders are a sweet addition to your décor as well. The elaborate pattern of small, translucent circles allows light to shine through causing the small vessels they make up to give off a charming, ambient glow. Each circle is created using recycled glass, so it’s also giving off an eco-friendly glow!

    • These eco-chic recycled glass tealight candle holders offer a soft and colorful lighting accent
    • Crafted in India
    • Made of Recycled Glass
    • Small: 5"H x 4" Diameter or Large: 6.25"H x 5" Diameter

    $21.88 - $31.88

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    Reclaimed Wood and Iron Elephant

    Handmade in India, this charming elephant has unique character. Artisans use responsibly sourced, reclaimed wood and iron make each one. Timeworn reclaimed wood has it’s own unique character that cannot be replicated, giving this elephant an individual look. Every elephant is a one-of-a-kind accent perfect for the globally-inspired, eco-conscious home.

    • To create this accent, artisans transform timeworn wood into a decorative elephant.
    • Made in India
    • Responsibly crafted using reclaimed wood
    • 10"L x 5"W x 12"H

    Regular Price: $49.00

    Special Price $38.97

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    Satori Stripe Recycled Glassware Collection

    Mouth blown recycled glass and a combination of cool color earn this collection the name satori, meaning “sudden enlightenment”, which it will surely bring to your table. Each recycle glassware piece is made with eco-friendly values in mind and is crafted my glass blowing artisans in Mexico. The glass features beautiful striped of warm golden browns and greenish blues that complement each other perfectly. Invite the entire collection to your table for inspired dining style.

    $39.00 - $69.00

    $33.88 - $54.88

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    Geo Beeswax Honey Candles

    Only 100% natural for this candle. This bee-utiful hand-poured candle features natural beeswax from natural worker bees doing natural bee things. Out of respect for those hardworking bees, only natural elements have been used to complete this clean burning, smoke and soot free candle.

    • The on trend geometric frosted glass vessel is a perfect container, shaped like a honeycomb, for this all natural candle with its unique fragrance that will enhance any decor
    • 100% all natural beeswax
    • Fragrances include; avocado and honey, buckwheat & honey, clover & honey and lavender & honey
    • Burn time - 40 hours
    • Each candle measures 3.25 x 4 x 4.25 (in)
  10. Bamboo & Reclaimed Wood Mixed Wood Mix Knife Block

    Discover the best way to keep your knives sharp and at the ready while also adding a rustic chic, stylish piece to your countertop. Each knife storage block is filled with a collection of eco-friendly bamboo skewers that will keep your knives secured without dulling them. Outside, the knife block is crafted of all natural bamboo and reclaimed wood with a weathered, worn look that will be the perfect addition to your kitchen décor. Available in a variety of sizes to suit any blade length, it's a whole new take on kitchen knife storage.

    $65.00 - $145.00

  11. Diamondback Bee House

    Help friendly bee populations thrive. About 30% of the human food supply and 90% of wild plants depend on pollination from bees, the majority of which are native bees. In fact, a native bee can pollinate several thousand blooms per day. Because their sole focus is pollination, they do not produce honey or beeswax – and native bees make friendly neighbors, as they are not aggressive!

    About 140 species of native bees make their homes in preexisting insect holes and woodpecker drillings, so they’re naturally drawn to the bamboo tubes in this bee house. Once a female bee establishes her home, she will lay her eggs, fill the tubes with nourishment and seal off the entrance so her young can safely grow.

    Handcrafted from FSC® certified wood and bamboo, this bee house is sealed with a nontoxic, water-based finish. By providing shelter for bees, you’re helping to conserve and restore native populations of these fantastic, friendly, super pollinators.

  12. Sale

    Frida Recycled Glass Vase

    Recycled and reborn. Artisans gather glass soda bottles destined for landfills, giving them new life in our 100% recycled glassware. Each glass is hand-blown using techniques passed down through generations so every one is entirely one-of-a-kind, bearing the unique touch of the artisan's hand. The Frida Collection features one-of-a-kind color patterns in bright shades of yellow and red. Each vase helps remove literal tons of waste from landfills and diminishes demand for new material. Due to the artisanal nature of production color variations are to be expected and add to the unique charm of each vase.

    Regular Price: $15.00

    Special Price $6.88

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    Rainbow Recycled Vase - Short

    Beautiful things often come from humble beginnings—once destined for the landfill, old soda bottles are transformed into art. A graceful rainbow of color promises good things. Using techniques passed down through generations, skilled artisans expertly transform broken pieces into stunning new life and purpose. A stunning addition to your table. Just like us, no two are exactly alike. Authentic. Interesting. The soul of expression.

    These incomparable pieces are made entirely by hand, mouthblown in a centuries old tradition. Color variations are to be expected, and are part of their unique charm.

    Regular Price: $19.00

    Special Price $7.97

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    Recycled Leather iPad Case

    Keep your iPad or e-reader secured in style with this recycled leather case, made of leather remnants that would have otherwise gone to a landfill. The coating is also a pure aqueous based finish, without the use of solvents.

  15. Laguna Recycled Glassware

    The shimmering of sunshine on the ocean comes to life at your table. Clear recycled glass is dappled with effervescent bits of color, transforming salvaged glass soda bottles into beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces of glassware.

    Using techniques passed down through generations, each recycled glass is hand-blown, bearing the unique touch of the artisan's hand. The process requires considerably less energy, resources and water than the production of non-recycled glass.

    $49.00 - $69.00

  16. Reclaimed Wood Butcher Block Island

    The wood in this stunning and functional kitchen island was obtained and repurposed from 19th century European Buildings. The removable butcher block top provides a sufficient amount of prep area and the attached metal bar and lower metal shelf are perfect for storage. 

    • Reclaimed wood
    • Handmade by furniture artisans in Romania
    • Galvanized steel covering reclaimed wood lower shelf
    • Attached metal towel rack
    • Requires minimal assembly

  17. Sale

    Recycled Glass Bud Vases

    Experienced glass blowing artisans in Indonesia have handcrafted these simple yet elegant bud vase sets. Made from recycled glass, they will create a stunning display wherever you place them. Available exclusively at VivaTerra.

    • Choose from 2 iconic shapes.

    • 100% recycled glass

    • Handcrafted in Indonesia



  18. Sale

    Recycled Glass Tree of Life Hurricanes

    Drawing on the pure and natural design of the Tree of Life, this beautiful collection of glass hurricanes is handcrafted from recycled glass accented with a unique cracked look and finished in beautiful Ombre style color. The Tree of Life that wraps each hurricane represents so much beautiful in our lives. It’s a symbol of connection to all things. The tree has roots that reach deeply into the soil, acknowledging its connection to, and accepting nourishment from, Mother Earth. Leaves and branches extend into the sky, acknowledging Father Sun and accepting the energy that it transforms into nourishment. The tree of life means that you are not an island, but are deeply connected to the world around you and dependent on it for your ability to grow and thrive.

    • Small - Smoke, Medium - Turquoise, Large - Amber
    • Recycled Glass Urn
    • Cast aluminum warp and base
    • Handcrafted in India
    • Handwash with a mild detergent. Do not put in the dishwasher

    $25.00 - $45.00

    $14.77 - $26.77

  19. Vintage Fir Portland Reclaimed Wood & Kirei Furniture Collection

    Thick reclaimed timber envelops graceful, eco-friendly panels of Kirei board to create a natural flow of elements in the Portland Collection offering a new twist on a classic design that will complement any style. The quality of our Vintage Fir collection is superior and is designed and built to last for generations. The distinct beauty of its reclaimed wood, finished with rich water based, non-toxic stains, is preserved in our handmade furniture that is handmade in California. All of our Vintage Fir Furniture uses actual vintage reclaimed wood and has many advantages. The grain of the timber with its tight growth rings shows the superior density of the wood from ancient trees, and the natural, aged patina and color of the old-growth timber is preserved in the manufacturing process. The results provide a look and feel that cannot be replicated in new wood.

    This reclaimed Douglas fir Portland Bedroom set with its stunning eco-friendly Kirei accents beautifully exhibits the rich character of the centuries-old reclaimed wood used in its construction, while the unique Kirei board also brings a contemporary style to your space. The wood, salvaged from razed buildings, has a warm, rich hue and tight grain. Made in USA. Assembly required.

    Please note: Bed is platform style only. A solid platform bottom replaces traditional box springs.

    $895.00 - $3,995.00

  20. Upcycled Kantha Throw

    Brighten any room with one of our vintage Kantha throws. Each throw is handmade in India by artisans who carefully collect pieces of vintage and upcycled fabrics to create the throw's elaborate patterns and colors. The result is a truly unique and individual piece for your home. Hang on the back of a chair or lay at the end of your bed for a splash of vibrant color.  Patterns, colors and size will vary because each Kantha throw is different from the next. Each throw is hand sewn from the scraps leftover during the process of hand making Indian saris which is a women’s garment from the Indian subcontinent that consists of a drape varying from five to nine yards.

    • Made from 100% upcycled materials
    • Hand sewn in India
    • Approximately 78” Long x 50” Wide
    • Colors and patterns will vary

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