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    Farmstead Dinnerware Collection

    Natural and earthy, our heavy duty Farmstead Stoneware Collection combines durability with sustainable design. Each organically shaped piece is handcrafted i…

    $49.00 - $68.00

  2. New!

    Riviera Recycled Glass Collection

    Inspired by the sea and sky, our Riviera Recycled Glassware Collection is dappled with bits of color, transforming salvaged glass into beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces of glassware.

    This collection incorporates unique glass blowing techniques that have been passed down through countless generations. These skilled artisans take up-cycled bottles and other glass and then expertly transform broken pieces into stunning glassware collections designed to enhance any table setting. There’s no industrialization with this handcrafted technique, just like us, no two are ever exactly alike. Each piece is made entirely by hand, mouth-blown in a long standing old tradition. Color variations are to be found, and are part of their beauty and unique charm.

    • Artisan-made using eco-friendly recycled glass
    • Made in Jalisco, Mexico
    • Each will feature a slight variance in shape due to the item’s handmade nature
    • Lead-free
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Pitcher- 4.75"Dia. x 9.5"H; 64oz.
    • Stemless Wine Glasses- 3.25"Dia. x 4"H; 8oz.
    • Tumblers- 3.25"Dia. x 4"H; 8oz.
    • Pint Glasses- 3"Dia. x 5.5"H; 16oz.
  3. Molcajete Recycled Serving Bowls

    This Mexican version of the mortar and pestle is transformed into a spectacular bowl called a Molcajete. Standing on three legs, our recycled glass Molcajete bowl is crafted with Mexico's traditional blown glass techniques. Each varies slightly in size and color.

    • 100% Recycled Glass
    • Perfect as a serving vessel for chips and salsa or guacamole
    • Colors vary slightly as each one is handmade
    • Small 6"Dia. x 3"H
    • Medium 8"Dia. x 4"H

    $20.00 - $25.00

  4. River Stone Placemat Collection

    Smooth multi-colored color stones add an entirely new, marvelously functional and bold dimension to traditional dining table décor. Hand-gathered and securely attached to felt backing, these natural stones serve as a neutral backdrop to a wide range of dinnerware and table setting choices. Due to natural variations colors will vary. Sold in sets of 4.
  5. Organic Ceramic Collection

    Enjoy the understated elegance with a touch of glamour. The subtle animate shape of our beautiful Organic Dinnerware is perfect for casual dinners as well as…

    $39.00 - $149.00

  6. Sale

    SeaGlass Recycled Glass Dinnerware - The Complete Collection

    Modeled after its namesake, our elegant collection of sea glass-style dinnerware features smooth, round edges and a velvety matte finish. Each piece, created from 100% recycled glass, is as unique as if it tumbled freshly out of the sea. The same frosty incandescence that guarantees sea glass to be spotted along the shore, promises it will catch eyes in your home time and time again.

    Add depth and texture to your table when you mix and match pieces from the collection, creating an array of color pallets and place setting styles. Beautiful, versatile and durable, the matte finish makes it smudge and fingerprint proof, and every piece is dishwasher safe. Made in the USA.

    Available in many different plate, bowl & serving piece styles and colors, SeaGlass Dinnerware is one of the most versatile dining collections we've ever seen.

    $129.00 - $195.00

    $99.97 - $195.00

  7. Terra Green Stone Dinnerware Collection

    Japanese artisans are renowned across the globe for their expertise in ceramic and stoneware arts, particularly for their beautiful glazes and finishes. Kilns, materials, glazes, shapes and methods of craftsmanship vary slightly from region to region to offer a variety of high quality and unique works. The Stone Terra Green collection features a subtly matted green finish speckled across a brown under layer, which is visible on the rims and edges of the pieces. Some surfaces display a slight rippled texture and every piece will possess a soft organic shape. The Japanese artisans who learn the ceramic and stone trade do so through years of training from generations before them, and as a result produce the highest quality stone dinnerware collections. We are sure you'll love the addition of Terra Green Stone Dinnerware to your green and naturally styled table. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

    16-Piece Set Includes: 4 Dinner Plates, 4 Salad Plates, 4 Bowls, and 4 Mugs.

    $69.00 - $289.00

  8. Shima Ceramic Dinnerware Collection

    Renowned for their ceramic work and beautiful glazes, Japanese artisans design the most exquisite ceramic dinnerware. The Shima series features perfectly imperfect organic shapes, and a milky glaze accented with a single delicate line that runs through the middle of each piece. The soft glaze is perfectly contrasted by the clean line, which gives the collection Zen modernity. These mugs are great for everyday use and any occasion when you want to bring a touch of Japanese Zen-style inspiration to the table.

    • Designed and made in Japan
    • Microwave and dishwasher safe
    • 24-Piece Set includes 4 of each piece

    $39.00 - $399.00

  9. Holden Flatware + Serveware Collection

    A traditional flatware collection for the everyday eco-chic table. With a polished dual design that compliments any meal, these recycled stainless steel place settings are designed with functionality in mind.

    The stainless steel in this collection contains at least 20% recycled steel and can be completely recycled at the end of its very long life.

    $15.00 - $39.00

  10. Recycled Sari Table Linen Collection

    Brighten any room with our unique bohemian style upcycled, vibrant color Kantha collection. The collection is handmade in India by artisans who carefully col…

    $35.00 - $49.00

  11. Maya Glassware Collection

    Recycled and reborn. Artisans gather glass soda bottles destined for landfills, giving them new life in our 100% recycled glassware. Each piece is hand-blown…

    $39.00 - $69.00

  12. Confetti Recycled Glassware Collection

    Transforming trash into treasure—old soda bottles rescued from the landfill now grace your table with an explosion of sparkling colors. Broken pieces m…

    $10.00 - $59.00

  13. Sale

    Monterey Recycled Glassware Collection

    Shades of the sea at your table. Salvaged glass soda bottles are transformed into breathtaking glassware reminiscent of a day at the ocean, with bright blues evoking stunning waves and vibrant ocean bubbles. Using techniques passed down through generations, each recycled glass piece is hand-blown, bearing the unique touch of the artisan's hand. The process requires considerably less energy, resources and water than the production of non-recycled glass.

    • 100% Recycled Glass
    • Dishwasher-safe

    $12.00 - $69.00

    $9.97 - $54.97

  14. Woodland Recycled Drinkware

    With every sip, a beautifully textured statement piece. Featuring an organic raised swirl, the intricate design of our Woodland Collection lends a sophisticated look to your table and showcases the artistry of our glass artisans. Using time-tested techniques, our artisans hand-blow and hand-shape each one-of-a-kind piece from recycled glass soda bottles. The process requires considerably less energy, resources and water than the production of non-recycled glass.

    Due to the unique, handcrafted nature of this collection, each item will vary slightly in detail and markings. No two are exactly alike.

    • 100% Recycled Glass
    • Hand wash recommended
    • Made in Mexico
    • This glassware is for use with cold liquids only.
    • Do not microwave or use with hot liquids.
    • Set of 6 tumbler glasses 3.25"Dia. x 4"H, Holds 12 oz.
    • Set of 4 wine glasses 3.5" Dia. x 7.75" H, Holds 12 oz.

    $39.00 - $59.00

  15. Holden 20-Piece Flatware Set

    A traditional flatware collection for the everyday eco-chic table. With a polished dual design that compliments any meal, these recycled stainless steel place settings are designed with functionality in mind.

    The stainless steel in this collection contains at least 20% recycled steel and can be completely recycled at the end of its very long life.

    • Set includes 4 place settings
    • Dishwasher safe
    • 18/10 Stainless Steel
  16. Color Rim Recycled Glass, Set of 2

    Each beautiful piece of Color Rim Glassware has its own unique characteristics and a solid, weighty feel. This simple yet elegant collection has been designed to combine traditional handcrafted skills with modern influences to produce a great look that will enhance any party setting. Each glass is individually handcrafted to bring you the magic of quality Mexican artisanal glassblowing.

    • 100% Recycled blown glass
    • Pop of color is placed at the rim of each glass
    • Handcrafted in a family owned factory in Mexico
    • Sold in sets of 2
    • Rocks Glass- 2.75" Dia. x 3.75" H, 8 oz.
    • Highball Glass- 2.75" Dia. 5.5" H, 12oz.
  17. Sale

    Satori Sunrise Ceramic Dinnerware Collection

    Handmade ceramic and a cool color combination earn this collection the name satori, meaning “sudden enlightenment”, which these pieces will surely bring to your dining style. We love the natural tones and texture of the design. The way the greenish blue glazed edges meet the speckled golden tan surfaces reminds us of the way the sea meets the shore. Each piece is crafted in china from beautiful and durable ceramic and hand glazed.

    • Named “satori”, which means sudden enlightenment.
    • Handcrafted using genuine ceramic
    • Microwave and dishwasher safe
    • The collection includes: Salad Plates, Dinner Plates, bowls and Mugs



  18. Sale

    Shimmer Swirled Recycled Glassware Collection

    This recycled glassware collection features an array of sand and brown toned speckles graced in swirling caramel accents. The pieces are elegant, glamorous, and earth-friendly, which make them a winning accent for any table setting. Glass blowing has been a popular craft in Mexico for centuries and artisans there have perfected the art of creating beautiful and high quality glassware. This quality is evident in the weight, style, and intricate design of this collection.

    $29.00 - $59.00

    $16.88 - $54.88

  19. Sale

    Satori Stripe Recycled Glassware Collection

    Mouth blown recycled glass and a combination of cool color earn this collection the name satori, meaning “sudden enlightenment”, which it will surely bring to your table. Each recycle glassware piece is made with eco-friendly values in mind and is crafted my glass blowing artisans in Mexico. The glass features beautiful striped of warm golden browns and greenish blues that complement each other perfectly. Invite the entire collection to your table for inspired dining style.

    $39.00 - $69.00

    $33.88 - $54.88

  20. Bright Bubbled Red Recycled Drinkware Collection

    A selection of bright colors and a unique bubbly texture make this recycled glassware collection an eco-friendly eye-catcher. Each piece is handmade by glass blowing artisans in Tonalá, Jalisco, Mexico. These artisans learned their unique trade from the generations before them, as glass blowing has been a traditional craft in Mexico for over 500 years. This collection brings both bold color and beautiful forms to your table, while also giving it a uniquely eco-friendly quality. The colors in the collection display as beautifully mixed and matched as they do as a full matching set.

    $49.00 - $89.00

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Items 1 to 20 of 267 total

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