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Himalayan Salt Foot Therapy Dome favorite




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  • This unique device has two parts: a two inch thick dome of pure crystalline Himalayan Pink Salt and a hand-crafted rosewood base that both supports the salt dome and houses the light bulb.
  • The Himalayan Salt Detoxer is unlike any detoxification product to hit the market. The Himalayan Salt Detoxer is based on firm scientific information about known detoxification processes and how to maintain optimum health through natural cleansing. The work of the Himalayan Salt Detoxer is based on the concept of Reflexology, a natural healing art based on the principle that zones on the feet correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. Some users of the Detoxer report actually taste salt in their mouth and this may show that the cleansing process has moved through the body's tissues from the feet upward. Thus the Himalayan Salt Detoxer offers the user a unique, safe and effective cleansing process that can be used repeatedly to achieve many of the health benefits associated with cleansing regimens.
  • 100% natural real Himalayan salt
  • You can also leave your lamp on all the time to help refresh your home
  • To clean, wipe with a damp towel or sponge to remove any dust and allow the salt sculpture to air dry

9" Dia. x 6"H

The Himalayan Salt Detoxer is both a pleasing, natural work of art and is considered a powerful tool for rebalancing, revitalizing and gently cleansing the body and mind. When the Himalayan Salt Detoxer is lit, both gentle light and warmth radiate from the smooth salt surface.

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