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  • Hand Woven in India
  • Wool and Cotton Fibers
  • Durable for any indoor area

This lush and cozy wool rug is woven by hand from strong, thick felted wool and cotton yarns, so it has a very rich texture and a soft natural feel underfoot. Luxurious, comfortable and warmly, fine, but also durable, wool and cotton is a superior fiber combination, often used in handmade weaving because it easily satisfies the most exigent requirements of a demanding consumer.

This fiber mix is generally nontoxic, non-allergenic and is not a propitious environment for bacteria growth, it also can actually help purify the air in the room. It acts like a natural thermal insulator, is naturally fire-retardant and has natural moisture-repellent qualities. Wool also has the amazing feature of cleaning itself, by keeping the dirt on the surface, so vacuum cleaning the rug will be about all the cleaning the rug will need. The spills can be cleaned up before they stain due to fibers natural moisture-repellent qualities.

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