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Strawflower and Eucalyptus Wreath favorite




Limited Stock
  • Artisan-crafted fragrant wreath
  • Emits a therapeutic natural fragrance
  • Harvested and handcrafted in a USA based nursery
  • Not recommended for outdoor use
  • Naturally dried without the use of chemicals

Approx. 18" Dia.

Strawflowers paired with Eucalyptus leaves form this handmade wreath for a summery accent in your home. Strawflowers, native to Australia, bring colorful pinks of varying hues to your home's wall and door decor. Paired with the fragrant Eucalyptus leaves, they make a match made in Aussie heaven!

Each wreath is harvested and handcrafted in central California. The family owned nursery’s floral artists are known for their unique and beautiful nature-inspired creations. Not recommended for outdoor use. Recommended for use indoors or on a covered doorway. These are naturally dried without the use of chemicals so if exposed outdoors, bleaching from sunlight may occur. We suggest keeping this wreath in a dry place.

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