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  • Hand made in Nepal
  • Wooden striker
  • Ring pad

Designed to invoke a deep state of relaxation, meditation, and spiritual well-being, all of our singing bowls are authentic Tibetan singing bowls. The bowl is hand-hammered by an artisan from silver, copper, zinc, bronze and brass, ensuring every bowl is unique. These five metals represent the symbiotic relationship between the universe’s basic elements. When you run the wooden striker along the rim it creates complex, harmonic tones with subtle variations that differ with each bowl due to their hand-made origin. Tapping the bowl with the striker generates a bell sound that signifies the beginning or ending of a chant. Each bowl includes a ring pad that elevates the bowl off of a surface, extending tones and allowing sound to carry.

The singing bowl has been with us for a long time. There are many stories of how the singing bowl came to be. Some say that the origin came from Buddha Shakyamuni who lived in 560 – 480 B.C. But others attribute the origin to even farther back before Buddha arrived and Buddhism took over in Tibet.

Curve Hammer Singing Bowl 4"Dia x 2"H
Deep Singing Bowl 4"Dia x 2"H


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