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Natural beeswax candles emit a honey-sweet aroma and gentle light, while burning cleaner than petroleum-based paraffin.

V1244,6" Beeswax Pillar,

There are artists, crafters, makers, builders, carpenters and allother types of artisans right here in our own backyards, and our hope is that when you think of beautiful, handcrafted products from across the globe, you think of them too. Buying domestically can be more eco-conscious, as it reduces transportation needs and consequently the energy and natural resources expended in the process; this makes us huge proponents of shopping locally.

6" Beeswax Pillar

Size: 6" Tall x 3" Wide
Weight: 22.5 oz
Burn Time: 115 Hours

Tue Dec 10 00:26:30 EST 2019