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Arched Stone Tealight Holders, Set of 2 favorite




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Perfect zen elements to add to the table at your next dinner party, indoors or out. Natural stones are halved and hollowed to create these Zen garden inspired tea light holders. The stone and fire elements come together to symbolize strength and harmony in any space in your home. Set of 2 - one of each size.

V1674,Arched Stone Tealight Holders,Set of 2,

This product is created with all natural materials. Our supplier Mother Nature herself. The benefit of using material that are hand picked from the earth to create a product, is not only that it honors the authentic beauty of nature, but also that there is no environmental cost due to production. We don't have to manufacture stone, wood, plant life, and other naturally existing material. It's freely available to us, and with innovative thinking and an artistic touch, we can use it to make great things.

Large: 75" x 4"W x 7"H
Small: 5.5"L x 3"W x 5"H

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