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This garden chime, featuring unique rectangular chime tubes, is constructed from eco-friendly aluminum with a bronzy finish and features a turquoise stone wind catcher suspended from the center. All pieces are hanging from a piece of cherry-finished ash wood and the turquoise, bronze and cherry make a naturally beautiful color pairing. Over all, with each blow of the breeze, this chime produces a deep traditional chime tone perfect for a serene summers eve. In many Native American languages, the translation for the word turquoise is "sky-stone", which is appropriate for this chime, which you will likely enjoy a view of hanging against the backdrop of the sky.

V1932,Turquoise Pendant Wind Chime,

Aluminum is one of the most valuable materials in a typical recycling bin. It is infinitely and 100% recyclable, meaning it can be uses over and over because it retains all of its properties no matter how many times it is reused. It is even fiscally responsible to recycle aluminum, as it's one of the only materials that's use more than pays for the costs that goes into its collection.


Mon Nov 18 03:25:25 EST 2019