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This jewelry collection makes it possible to capture the beautiful details of Mother Nature and transform them in to wearable natural accessories. The artisan who makes each piece does so by gathering genuine leaves from the Brazilian savannah (or the Cerrado). She then dehydrates the leaves and when they crumble away, they leave behind only their intricate vein framework. The artisan then takes the skeleton of the leaf and plates it insterling silver. The finished item is a stunning plated leaf that you can wear anywhere you go and always have a piece of nature with you.

V3150,Plated Brazilian Savannah Leaf Earrings - Silver,

  • These stunning accessories are made by a jewelry artisan using actual plated leaves.
  • Made in Brazil
  • Handmade
  • 2"L

Alpaca wool is a naturally warm, breathable, and hypoallergenic fiber. Due to the environmental factors the alpaca endures in its natural geographical location, the mountains of Peru, their coat is particularly apt for providing warmth in the cold, while also providing a lightweight breathability beneath the sun. In addition to this, their coats are very water resistant. Alpaca is also free from dander and lanolin, which can cause allergic skin reactions for many people this is the reason traditional sheep's wool may cause some peoples skin to itch. Lastly, alpaca fibers, because they are an all-natural product, are completely biodegradable.

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