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Let's Hang Out Bat House favorite




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Help the friendly bat populations thrive. If you want some help in your veggie garden or with your other prized plants, put a bat house in your backyard. Not only do bats help with pollination, but they provide a number of additional benefits for your backyard. These nocturnal creatures become active when the sun goes down, and work magic in your garden during the night. They go after the nectar and bugs, spreading pollen as they fly. Many bat species eat vast amounts of insects, including some of the most damaging agricultural pests. Mosquitoes are a particular favorite among bats, some of which are said to eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes in one hour! That alone should be reason enough to put a bat house in your backyard.

V6462,Let's Hang Out Bat House,

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Mon Jul 13 14:45:41 EDT 2020