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Fall Llama Hand-Hooked Wool Decorative Throw Pillow, 16"Square favorite




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Display classic fall style with our adorable Fall Llama Hand-Hooked Wool Decorative Throw Pillow, sporting the most idyllic outfit of the season.

The design is rendered in 100% hooked-wool and finished with a cream linen back. Every pillow includes a natural down feather filled insert for a plush look and soft feel, and the covers zip open and closed for easy removal if needed. Perfect for a season full of bright color and rich texture, these pillows set the scene in any room in your home. Linen backing composed of 95% ramie/5% cotton.

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  • Our natural wool Fall Llama Pillow is hand-hooked by skilled artisans who create long-lasting decorative pillows that are perfect on any bed, couch or rocking chair
  • Our distinctive 100% natural, non-allergenic, wool pillow covers incorporate pure wool, recognized for superior comfort, breathability and lasting quality
  • Accomplished artists create beautiful designs depicting a jolly llama that features a charming scarf as experienced in autumn
  • Our plush down feather filled inserts are easily removed for spot cleaning the wool pillow cover. These soft pillow inserts bring comfortable cushioning to beds, couches and chairs
  • Linen zippered backing composed of 95% ramie/5% cotton

16" Square

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