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Antique Wooden Axle Wall Shelf favorite




Limited Stock

Antique wooden axles find a new purpose as rustic and unique floating shelves. We love using them to display small, nature inspired accents like candles and succulents. This rustic wood shelf is sure to become a focal point in any room. Formally part of an axle of a waterwheel, this antique wood has been repurposed to a versatile hanging wall shelf you can use just about anywhere: in the kitchen, bathroom, office, wherever you need some natural charm. Each one, a beautiful surprise, will be different in color and size as it is a natural up-cycled product.

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  • Each shelf is sold individually
  • Wooden axel repurposed to a versatile hanging wall shelf
  • Each one, a beautiful surprise, will vary slightly in color and size
  • Keyhole hanger in back

Approximately 8"W x 5"H x 10" depth.

According to an EPA annual report released in 2012, wood accounted for 8% of our landfill content even after recyclable woods had been recovered from the fills. This waste is among some of the most preventable if initiative is taken to dispose of wood properly and efforts are made to salvage it. Salvaged or reclaimed wood protects our environment, because when it is recovered from its original use and repurposed it not only saves trees, but also uses only a fraction of the energy and natural resources during production as its first growth counterpart. Due to the reclaimed nature of this product shapes and sizes of each axle will vary.

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