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Guatemalan Recycled Weave Pillow Covers favorite


Limited Stock

Handcrafted by artisans in Guatemala, these bold pillow covers pay tribute to the traditional Mayan textiles while adding a flair of playfulness. Colored pom-poms border two sides of these pillow covers that can be beautifully displayed with the front or back showing. For a more understated look, display the back, and for more vibrancy, display the front.

V0890,Guatemalan Recycled Weave Pillow Covers,

Due to their recycled nature and the use of repurposed vintage fabrics from huipils, patterns and colors will vary from product to product and will not perfectly resemble the product pictured. A "huipil" is a traditional-style, women's tunic worn by indigenous women in Central Mexico to Central America. Traditionally woven on a blackstrap loom and heavily embroidered with beautiful traditional patterns, huipils often have meaningful designs or patterns that represent the village in which they were made.

18" sq. (20" with pom-poms)

Dry clean only.

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Fri Sep 24 08:14:43 EDT 2021