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Loloi Eco Checked Jute Rug in Black - 9'3" x 13' - Black
V1521 BLK

V1521 BLK

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Hand-woven, 100% natural jute fibers zig, zag, overlap, and intertwine to create a textural array and visual melody. A true work of textile art, artisans in India - whose heritage and ancestral culture is rich with craftsmanship and textile arts - hand-weave each strand of black braided jute through stripes of varying natural color fiber to create this eco-chic piece.

V1521,Loloi Eco Checked Jute Rug in Black - 9'3" x 13',

Using natural fibers over synthetic fibers reduces the amount of energy and waste that is produced when rugs are made. Moreover, natural fibers have a multitude of benefits for the people and the envrionment. Here are a few:- Natural fibers have ventillation built into them which makes them great for clothing and home products.- Products made from natural fibers are sustainable as they are 100% biodegradeable.- Choosing natural fibers also helps support small farmers from around the world who rely on the culitvation of these plants for their livelihoods.

9'3" x 13'

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