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Mini Glass Apple Terrarium, Set of 3 - BST
V1178 APP

V1178 APP

Limited Stock

We love these miniature versions of our recycled glass pear and apple-shaped terrariums! Carefree and a source of fascinating enjoyment for years to come. Set of 3.

V1178,Mini Glass Apple Terrarium,Set of 3,

When glass is recycled, it is broken into small pieces called cullet. The broken pieces are crushed, sorted, cleaned, and mixed with other raw materials in the glass-making process. When glass is made from scratch, high temperatures are needed to melt all the ingredients. Since cullet melts at a lower temperature, so the more of it you add to the process, the less energy is required to melt it. Recycling glass is not only energy-efficient; it benefits the environment in other ways. Glass produced from recycled glass instead of raw materials reduces related air pollution by 20% and related water pollution by 50%. And, recycling glass keeps used bottles and jars out of landfills, thereby decreasing the need for them.

5.25"L x 5.25"W x 8.75"H

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Tue Oct 04 15:49:50 EDT 2022