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Organic Cotton Stripe Wrap Dress - Navy - Large favorite


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This classically styled wrap dress offers a modest and feminine silhouette with a subtle striped pattern. Quarter-length sleeves, a crossed neckline and gracefully draped skirt all add to its charming look. Constructed from 100% organic cotton and fair trade made, it's the ultimate statement of sustainable fashion. Cut and sewn in Peru. Machine washable. Fair Trade certified.

V0720,Organic Cotton Stripe Wrap Dress,

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Organic cotton provides benefits to both the consumer and, in the big picture, our environment. The primary benefit is that the crop is grown without the use of harmful toxins such as insecticides and pesticides. In fact, numbers show that a large percentage of all the world's insecticides and pesticides are used on traditional cotton crop alone. These toxins are bad for the environment as well as for all those who come in contact with the cotton during and after harvest such as farmers, garment makers, and consumers. Organic cotton is left untreated and allowed to grow naturally, so you can be sure that what you're breathing in and putting on your skin is safe and toxin free.Our selection of artisan-made clothing is created in Peru, by the hands of indigenous artisans. These Artisans employ the use of their traditional methods of craftsmanship to create each piece using quality, organic materials. Artisans employ one of three handcrafting methods: hand-knitting with needles, hand-held loom knitting, or hand-knit onto looms. Often, this work is done right in the artisan's home or within a knitting group in their community, making this garment a result of cottage industry style production. Artisans' work conditions and vendor relationships always meet fair-trade standards, and garments are always created using quality organic materials and low-impact finishing and dying methods.

Available in five sizes : Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, & Extra Large

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