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Paisley Print Wrap, Set of 4 - Multi favorite
V3132 MLT


Limited Stock

Gift wrap that gives. This gift wrap comes from a non-profit organization that supports Bengali womens' groups. Each sheet of fine silk paper is hand dyed or printed from AZO-free dyes. EACH SHEET APPROX. 30"SQ

V3132,Paisley Print Wrap,Set of 4,

Alpaca wool is a naturally warm, breathable, and hypoallergenic fiber. Due to the environmental factors the alpaca endures in its natural geographical location, the mountains of Peru, their coat is particularly apt for providing warmth in the cold, while also providing a lightweight breathability beneath the sun. In addition to this, their coats are very water resistant. Alpaca is also free from dander and lanolin, which can cause allergic skin reactions for many people this is the reason traditional sheep's wool may cause some peoples skin to itch. Lastly, alpaca fibers, because they are an all-natural product, are completely biodegradable.

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