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Succulent Ornaments - Set of 3 favorite




Limited Stock

Whether hung on a holiday tree or elsewhere, this set of 3 diverse succulents is a great conversation piece. We gave these cacti-family members a chance to show their stuff in the dead of winter, and they responded splendidly. They last for many weeks as living ornaments, and then can be planted in soil to enjoy for years to come.

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Succulents do not require a great deal of care, but please keep the following in mind when caring for your succulents. Succulents prefer bright light, but cannot tolerate intense direct sunlight. Succulents that are under too much light intensity will have a bleached appearance and succulents without enough light will become elongated and appear to "reach for sunlight." Over-watering succulents can cause the plants to die. To water your succulents, use a spray bottle to avoid over-watering.

Each is Approximately 5" x 3"

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