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This artisan-crafted wreath presents a cheerful and fragrant array of spiraling herbs. The variety includes sweet annie, purple oregano, lamb's ear , lavender, sage, lemon mint, and wild roses. The dried arrangement emits a therapeutic natural fragrance you'll enjoy having greet you at the door or fill your home. Each wreath is harvested and handcrafted in a USA based nursery on the coast of Oregon. The family owned nursery's floral artists are known for their unique and beautiful nature-inspired creations. Not recommended for outdoor use.

Our made in the USA wreaths and garlands are constructed from all natural plants, flowers, and berries grown on a family farm in Oregon. No pesticides or chemicals are used on the 20 acre farm which is better for Mother Earth and her inhabitants. It is normal for the item to shed slightly. It was made extra full to compensate for any shedding during shipping. To avoid excess shedding, we recommend limited movement of the item once it has been removed from its box. Both dried and fresh arrangements can last up to one year with proper care.
Condition: Please expect that some "crumbs" will be in the box upon arrival. You can gather the crumbs and use them for potpourri. Because your product is hand-made and made with natural ingredients, there will be some variation. No two are exactly alike.
Note: If any herbs are going to be consumed, wash thoroughly and avoid any glue used in decoration. Color: Any fresh greenery will dry naturally and may lighten in color with time. Any preserved or dry greens and flowers will retain most of their color. To prolong your product, please keep it away from sources of heat and sunlight.

Recommended for use indoors or on a covered doorway. These are naturally dried without the use of chemicals so if exposed outdoors, bleaching from sunlight may occur. We suggest keeping this wreath in a dry place.

To Remove Your Wreath from the Box:
Your wreath will arrive secured to the bottom of the box with plastic ties.
Cut the ties from the back of the box.
Gently lift the wreath out of the box and pull out the ties and discard.

Care Instructions:
Hang your item indoors or in a sheltered outdoor area away from direct sunlight and/or heat sources.
Heat and sunlight can fade colors and damage both fresh and dried flowers.
For cleaning, lightly dust your item with a feather duster or a small paint brush.
Do Not mist items with water.

  • Fresh items are not recommended for outdoor display where temperatures fall below 40° F.
    Fresh greens will dry naturally and may be recycled or displayed as a dried arrangement.

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