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January Narcissus and Hyacinths Bulb in Root of the Earth Bowl favorite




Limited Stock

A one-time spring bulb delivery allows you to choose your favorite variety of blooming bulbs and have them delivered to you or sent as a seasonal gift! All bulbs arrive pre-planted in a beautiful reclaimed wood Root of the Earth Bowl and in the first stages of growth, with blossoms appearing in about three weeks. When they arrive, just add water! These blooming beauties are the perfect way to bring the beauty of the spring season into your home.

The root bowls are hand carved from reclaimed roots that other wise would be discarded. Each bowl is naturally finished.

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  • Bowl includes 11 Narcissus, oxford gold, 6 blue magic, 5 white muscari, Grape Hyacinths
  • These beautiful blooming gifts are a thoughtful seasonal gift that will bring joy and a beautiful floral display to anyone's life.
  • Arrives pre-planted in a Root of the Earth Bowl
  • Water upon arrival

Bowl measures 8" Dia. x 5"H

One-Time Bulb Delivery Program FAQs:
Q: When will my bulb order ship
A: Bulbs (due to availability) will not start shipping until January 4th.

Q: What types of bulbs do I receive for January
A: January Bulb Package: 11 Narcissues, oxford gold, 6 blue magic, 5 white magic muscari and Grape hyacinths

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