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River Rock Floor Mat - Black favorite
V0123 BLK




Limited Stock
Your Color Selection: Black
  • Naturally Smooth
  • Therapeutic way to relieve stress in your feet
  • Felt backing
  • Can be used as a bath mat outside of the shower
  • Color, texture, grain, size and shape will vary slightly as no two are alike

29.5"L x 20"W

Our river rock floor mats allow you to bring nature's outdoor elements into your home.Nothing quite compares to the beauty of time-worn river rock, washed to silky smoothness by years of gushing current—and now, you can bring that beauty to your home decor! This unique pebble mat is an earthy addition to any space, particularly as a welcome mat or a delightfully tactile bath mat.

The selection of smooth river stone are gathered by hand, and then securely attached in an artful composition to a strong, weather-worthy felt backing. More mosaic than river rock rug, this stone mat is sure to be a treasured addition to your decor. Felt backing is colored to blend in behind natural stones.

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Because items are made from naturally sourced, genuine stone, color, texture, grain, size and shape will vary slightly from product shown. Multiple products of the same color will likely not posses exact or uniform color.

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