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A traditional symbol of prosperity, this beautiful lotus panel wall art is sure to bring a wealth of decorative appeal to any space. Hand-carved, sanded and waxed by Thai artisans and craftsmen, this absolutely gorgeous piece of art reflects hours of care and attention, resulting in an incredibly intricate, blossoming design.

Lotus panels are made from reclaimed teak panels that were cut over 50 years ago. The wood is not machined down flat or squared up. The carvers rough cut slats that are approximately the same size and then lay them side by side. As such they are not perfect squares.

The pattern is transferred by hand, then they drill holes and thread "finger saws" through the openings of the pattern. The saw marks and some misplaced holes are visible at times. The artisans then carve by hand to create the 3D effect. The piece is then sanded, a non-chemical finish is applied and two embedded hangers are attached to the back of each panel.It is an imperfect art and each panel is unique. Using the traditional method of hand-drawing and carving, artisans individually etch the patterns into each panel before carving. As a result, panels may not line up together perfectly. The process of drawing, drilling, and finger sawing the carved panels is a unique and time-consuming process that has been passed down generation to generation. The variation in each panel is a representation of the individuality of each carver.

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