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Emperor Harp Wind Chime favorite




Limited Stock

Inspired by the lines and architecture of the Far East, this graceful chime draws from traditional Asian design. Evoking harmony, grace and balance, wherever you hang it, it is a beautiful addition to your home zen garden or zen inspired space. Eight aluminum chime tubes offer a peaceful and harmonious melody with every movement of the wind.

This item may experience a delay in shipping due to our artisans' temporary warehouse closures as safety measures are enacted globally.

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22"L x 12.5"W

Aluminum is one of the most valuable materials in a typical recycling bin. It is infinitely and 100% recyclable, meaning it can be uses over and over because it retains all of its properties no matter how many times it is reused. It is even fiscally responsible to recycle aluminum, as it's one of the only materials that's use more than pays for the costs that goes into its collection.

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