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  • Crafted from natural stone
  • This cookware will assist you in energy-efficient cooking and serving for years to come
  • Soapstone emits no odor
  • Able to withstand temperatures of up to 1832 degrees Farenheit
  • VivaTerra Exclusive

Stocking a sustainable kitchen is not only effortless, but also gorgeous with our exclusive Natursten™ Cookware collection. Each piece of the collection, crafted from all-natural stone, will bear a completely original look due to its color and texture variation. The collection is accented with metal bands and handles. it's beautiful for both cooking and serving in earth-friendly, energy-efficient style. This soapstone design serves as a timeless oven to table essential.

V2381,Natursten™ Cookware Soup Pot With Stone Lid - Small,

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Cure before first use.
To prepare your soapstone pieces for life-long use in your kitchen, you must season or cure them with oil and heat. Once your soapstone cookware is seasoned, it will have a smooth non-stick finish.

Curing Soapstone Pots
First, wash your soapstone pot with a sponge or brush in hot water only and allow to dry thoroughly.
To begin curing:
Generously grease all surfaces of the soapstone with your choice of cooking oil. Use care in handling the oiled pieces.
Set it in a warm location for 24 hours, or until the oil is absorbed and the stone becomes almost dry.
After allowing the oil to absorb, fill the pot with water up to the line of the metal band. Put on the stove at a low setting and gradually increase to medium or medium-high heat, slowly bringing the water to a boil. Allow the water to boil uncovered for 30 minutes.
Remove from heat and allow the water to return to room temperature on its own before draining. For an even deeper curing, repeat the process a second time.

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Natursten™ Cookware Sauté; Pan - Large


$54.88 discounted from $80.00


Natursten™ Cookware Grill - Small


$49.88 discounted from $75.00


Natursten™ Cookware Sauté; Pan - Small


$44.88 discounted from $65.00


Natursten™ Cookware Soup Pot With Stone Lid - Small


$34.88 discounted from $50.00

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