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  1. Recycled Metal Tree of Life Wall Art

    You'll be transfixed by this absolutely stunning piece of art. It's handcrafted by Haitian artisans of recycled materials into its meaningful, beautiful design. As birds swirl through its shapely branches, the tree of life, with roots deep in the ground, reaches towards the sky to unite heaven and earth. Each piece of wall art is made from reclaimed oil drums, serving as a perfect example of the ingenuity and resourcefulness of man's imagination. It will be an eco-friendly addition to your wall decorations in any space, and it makes a heartfelt gift too!

    Finishes will range from silver to pewter, and bronze due to the up-cycling of oil drums.

    $199.00 - $299.00

  2. Raining Sea Glass Mobile

    This garden mobile, inspired by the shore and all the treasures that nature leaves upon it, features a rainbow of naturally colored sea glass cascading from a piece of sun-bleached driftwood. Each piece is unique.
  3. Arched Stone Tealight Holders - Set of 2

    Perfect zen elements to add to the table at your next dinner party, indoors or out. Natural stones are halved and hollowed to create these Zen garden inspired tea light holders. The stone and fire elements come together to symbolize strength and harmony in any space in your home. Set of 2 - one of each size.
  4. Tranquil Rock Cairn Fountain

    An artfully balanced rock cairn rests above the natural riverstone basin of this tabletop fountain. Cairns, or stone stacks, have been utilized through the ages for everything from landmarks and trail markers to contemporary art. Many utilize the process of creating them as an act of meditation, as they require great patience and focus to stack. Adding to the tranquil feeling emitted by this natural indoor accent is the subtle trickle of running water. Let the sound fill your home or patio and transport you to a state of restfulness. The natural elements add a zen-like feature to any décor.
  5. Lakshmi Garden Statue and Bath

    Cast in strong and lightweight glass reinforced cement, Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity sits peacefully and steadily. She gazes into the bowl in her lap, which is perfect for filling with water or seed to attract beautiful wildlife to your garden. On a patio, you can use her empty bowl to create a variety of displays from a shallow succulent garden to a candle arrangement.

    • This beautiful figure represents Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity.
    • Made in Indonesia
    • Made of glass reinforced concrete
    • 14"L x 11"W x 25.5"H
  6. Punjab Temple Bells

    In the Hindu religion, bells are often hung in temples and rung by those entering to inform deities of their arrival. It has been said that the sound of a ringing bell welcomes good and removes evil. These beautiful temple bells are made of iron and feature a gold finish and wooden clapper. We recommend them for hanging in your globally inspired space indoors and in outdoor covered areas.

    $40.00 - $80.00

  7. Recycled Glass Lotus Flower Wall Art

    This Recycled Glass Lotus Flower wall art brings an earth-friendly element of style and tranquility to any space. The peaceful lotus flower design is pressed into the recycled glass surface to create an eye-catching dimensional work of art. The piece is suitable for indoor or outdoor covered use, which allows it to bring beauty to any space in your eco-home. 

    • Lotus flower designs are pressed into recycled glass
    • An iron frame surrounds the glass to create this zen-style wall hanging
    • Handcrafted in Indonesia
    • Responsibly made using recycled glass
    • 13"W x 1.25"D x 24.75"H
    • 2 hanging hooks on back
  8. Palo Santo Wood Burning Sticks

    Believed to have spiritual cleansing and physical healing benefits, fragrant Palo Santo wood fills your home with hints of clean mint and citrus scents. The Palo Santo tree is native to South America and its name literally means Holy Wood. The smoke emitted by burning the wood is thought to have both medical and therapeutic healing powers. Most commonly it is used for inspiring creativity, clearing negative energy, and bringing love and good fortune to the home. Physically, it is thought to relieve common cold symptoms, reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate headaches, and sooth inflammation. To unleash these benefits, you can burn a single stick in an oven-safe ceramic dish, such as a bowl or ramekin, with sand. Secondly, and for a stronger dose of the wood, add multiple sticks to your fireplace.

    Another fantastic fact about our Palo Santo wood is that it is harvested sustainably, which honors the “Holy Tree”. The wood is wild harvested by an Ecuadorian family who has planted over 30,000 trees in the last 10 years. None of the trees are ever cut down for harvesting! The wood is only harvested from naturally fallen trees that have lain dead for anywhere between 4 and 10 years. This ensures a very high-quality and eco friendly product.

    • Wood burning sticks believed to have spiritual cleansing and physical healing benefits
    • Always exercise safety when burning
    • Made in Peru
    • Sustainably harvested from naturally fallen trees
    • Available in a 1lb. drawstring bag, a 1 lb. carved wood display box, or a 5lb. refill cardboard box.

    $35.00 - $145.00

  9. Recycled Metal Heart Shape Tree of Life

    The tree of life has been known to symbolize nature, fertility, and life as well as represent balance, learning, growth and harmony.  Exclusively designed for VivaTerra by Aurelia Ytaka this profound Tree of Life wall décor, handcrafted from recycled metal and embodies what the tree symbolizes.

    • Handcrafted from recycled metal, this profound Tree of life decor can be displayed both indoor and outdoor.
    • Handcrafted in Indonesia
    • 100% recycled metal
    • Natural torch anodized metal finish
    • Dimensions: 23" W x 20" H

  10. Buddha Pagoda Garden Stake

    Buddha literally means "Enlighted One" and is considered a symbol of wisdom. Exclusively designed by Aurelia Ytaka just for VivaTerra, this inspirational Buddha Pagoda, made from recycled metal, will give your outdoor space a Zen ambiance that may inspire you to create your most beautiful garden ever. Available exclusively at VivaTerra.

    • Designed exclusively for VivaTerra by Aurelia Ytaka and then Handcrafted by metal artisans in Indonesia
    • Recycled metal in a distressed copper finish
    • Buddha is made from GRC comprised of cement and recycled glass material
    • Dimensions 14"W x 14.5"D x 67"H

  11. Metal Tree of Life Wind Spinner

    The tree of life has been known to symbolize nature, fertility, and life as well as represent balance, learning, growth and harmony.  This unique Tree of Life wind spinner is handcrafted from metal in a stunning copper finish that truly embodies what the tree symbolizes.

    • Beautiful Copper metal finish
    • Some assembly required
    • Occasional oiling is recommended to keep your wind chime spinning properly (we recommend WD40) 

  12. Slotted Zen Stone Lantern

    Our slotted stone lanterns provide artful illumination for a pathway, table or stairs. Shed some light on your summer garden or patio with this subtle zen element. Each is created using natural cut stone and can be illuminated from the inside with a votive candle or alternative battery operated light source. Candles not included.
  13. Bell Rain Chain & Receptacle

    Turn a rainy day into a melodic masterpiece with our bell rain chain. Made using 100% steel, it's given a beautiful flamed copper finish and can be equipped with an optional receptacle. Made in India.

    $39.00 - $99.00

  14. Driftwood Succulent Garden

    We've paired two hardy natural survivors of wind and storm - succulents and driftwood and given them safe harbor in a compact indoor garden that is easy to grow and even easier to enjoy. Surf and sand-smoothed Oregon coast driftwood forms a compact, rustic exterior for our handcrafted planters. Succulents are hardy and low-maintenance.

    * 3-day delivery is included. Choose standard shipping at checkout and this item will be upgraded at no extra charge. Please see special shipping info for details.

    Learn more about caring for your Driftwood Succulent Garden.

  15. Enlightened Buddha Statue

    Open your mind, breathe deeply, and relax with this calming Enlightened Buddha statue. Sustainably crafted by Philippine artisans, the statue is made of volcanic ash, reclaimed from the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption, and cast into his serene position by hand. It's a lovely addition to any outdoor space and is particularly charming when placed in a quiet garden nook. A calming reminder of contentment and enlightenment, it's sure to bring peace and serenity to your yard, garden, patio; anywhere!
  16. River Stepping Stones - Set of 3

    Our naturally smooth, set of three River Rock Stepping Stones offer durability and organic beauty. These Zen-inspired stepping stones have a water-resistant, fiber backing that allows soil to settle between stones. Since each piece features different, multi-colored rocks, each stepping stone will be an original. These decorative garden stepping stones will create a whimsical path through any garden, flowerbed or lawn. Because of their durability, you can leave these unique stepping stones outside all year long. 

    • Stepping stones with multi-colored river rocks 
    • Naturally smooth Weather-durable felt backing 
    • Create a whimsical path in your garden 
    • Year-round outdoor use 
    • 12" dia.
    • Set of 3
  17. Copper Finish Tree of Life Wall Art

    Artisans in India handcraft this eco-friendly and nature-inspired wall décor. A lovely focal piece indoors or out, it is constructed using recycled metal, which is given a warm flamed copper finish. Hanging hook in back.

  18. Portable Buddha Statue

    Transportable tranquility. Bring our peaceful, portable stone Buddha into any space where you need his meditative presence and calm. He fits perfectly on a bedside table, desk or shelf indoors, but can easily be moved outdoors to inspire harmony and alleviate stress in the garden or on the patio. Finished with a rubberized base, you can safely set him down on any surface.
  19. Driftwood Succulent Wall Garden

    Look what's washed ashore. Capturing the beauty of the sea, this twist on the traditional hanging basket planter is crafted from driftwood collected on Oregon and California beaches. It's easy to hang and beautifully cradles a small bed of succulents.

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Items 1 to 20 of 52 total

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