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Handcarved Floral Wall Boxes



The beauty of these dimensional wall art boxes lies in the intricate details of their handcarved designs, as well as in the natural grain variation and rich hue of the teak wood. Artisans in Indonesia make each by hand, such that the intricate pattern of each one is a unique design. The boxes can both hang and be sat and displayed on a shelf or furniture piece because of their box shape.

  • Intricately handcarved from beautiful, richly hued teak wood
  • Handmade in Indonesia
  • Small 3.5"D x 7.5"SQ.; Large 4.5"D x 9.5"SQ.
  • Sizes sold individually

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Additional Information

SKU V2289/V2295
Product Type Wall Art
Dimensions Small 3.5"D x 7.5" sq.
Large 4.5"D x 9.5" sq.
Made of Teak
Made in Indonesia, Japan
Eco Info The highly sought after teak tree is native to Myanmar, India, Thailand and Indonesia. It is know for its richly dark gold wood and incredible durability when exposed to the elements. The wood is, by nature, resistant to moisture, rot, decay, warping, and cracking. The trees population has become strained due to its highly sought after properties. Our teak wood products are sourced sustainably from either highly regulated plantations, where restrictions are enforced to control the rate of harvest, or sourced by reclaiming and recycling existing teak.
Artisan Story Whether hand carved, woven, stamped, or crafted we believe that the artistry and craftsmanship of a hand made product is beyond compare to any mass-manufacturing process. The touch of human hands adds unique and individual quality, as well as a story to every product they make.
Color Brown
Shipping Info Yes

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