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Characteristically seen in upper end cafés across Europe, this contemporary take on the classic bistro chair is handmade using the highest quality Malacca cane rattan, stainless steel hardware, and exclusive ArtFiber synthetic. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

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Rattan is the naturally sustainable stem of a type of tropical palm tree. It's indigenous to the tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Australasia, but Indonesian forest specifically are known to provide most of the worlds supply. Rattan's natural sustainability is a result of its rapid natural growth rate; it grows faster than typical trees and also requires less energy to harvest and transport than timber. An equally eco-friendly aspect is its variety of uses. The sturdy rattan stems are perfect for building furniture and shelter, while the skin can be peeled off and used for woven crafts. Additionally, some species of rattan have an edible core; so all parts of the plant can be used upon harvest.

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