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Our artisans sculpt the trunks of sustainable monkey pod trees to create these versatile, lustrous cubes from a single piece of wood. They fill the need for surface space beside a bed, chair, or couch. When grouped they also serve as multi-use tables. Add a cushion if you like, and they become stools. The carvers hollow the trunk's interior and leave enough dense wood where it matters to make them strong and sturdy.

Standard Delivery Table edges may vary, with some tables having a slightly slant-cut edge (see photo inset). The wood grain, color and finish will differ due to the natural variations in each piece of monkey pod wood used to create these unique cubes. Some pieces may also display distinctive natural tree knots that make each piece truly unique. Wipe with lemon oil to maintain luster and shine.


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Thu Sep 23 17:34:21 EDT 2021