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Limited Stock

Paired over a tank, tee, or dress this open front cardigan brings rich texture to any outfit with its raised stripe patterned collar. The irregular hem, sitting mid-length in the back and coming to a long point at either side in front, waves beautifully when moving and flatters when standing still. Made of organic cotton jersey and knit, it promises to be bother stylish and comfortable.

Relaxed fit. Made by fair trade Artisans in Peru and colored with low-impact dyes.

V1222,Textured-Stripe Collar Cardigan,

Our selection of artisan-made clothing is created in Peru, by the hands of indigenous artisans, using their traditional methods of craftsmanship, from quality, organic materials. Artisans employ one of three handcrafting methods: hand-knitting with needles, hand-held loom knitting, or hand-knit onto looms. Often, this work is done right in the artisan's home or within a knitting group in their community. Artisans' work conditions and vendor relationships always meet fair-trade standards, and garments are always created using quality organic materials and low-impact finishing and dying methods.

Sat Jun 15 18:32:22 EDT 2019