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Textile artisans in India handcraft each of these pillow covers. Their unique patterns are created by traditional artisan methods. Every cover is hand batiked and will be a true one-of a kind addition to your home. Add global influence and fair trade style to any room. Plus, a bit of whimsical flair with this cover's pompom edges.

No textile has quite the same quality or remarkable story of craftsmanship as traditional block printed textiles. Created through a time-honored process that is truly done by hand from start to finish, each swath posses a genuine one-of-a-kind print. Artisans carve intricate designs into wooden blocks, hand-mix every batch of natural dye, and meticulously ink and stamp the block onto the fabric. It is here that their elaborate patterns, rich colors, and uniquely beautiful designs unfold.

V2635,Batik Pompom Pillow Cover - Paisley,

  • This pillow cover is created using traditional artisan methods of craftsmanship
  • Handmade in India
  • 18" sq.
  • Fair trade

This item is sourced from one of our global, fair trade partners. This means artisans produced the product in safe working conditions and were paid a fair wage by our partners. Additionally, these artisans, their families and their communities directly see the benefits of their artistry and craftsmanship. This makes your purchase a powerful way to reduce poverty and improve quality of life across the globe, simply by making a conscious buying choice.

Sat Jul 20 22:32:29 EDT 2019