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Nutty English Breakfast Set

New for Winter!

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Elevate high tea with this wonderful selection of Estate Grown Assam Loose Leaf Black Tea and Walnut Honey Conserve infused with wild thyme and lemon zest. Our Cherry Wood Honey Stick completes the gift.

  • High tea reaches new heights with our Walnut, Thyme and Honey Conserves. A dollop of this thick condiment atop a heady Cashel Blue and a cup of our sweet, malty flavored, full-bodied Assam will prove irresistible. To complete the gift - our Cherry Wood Honey Stick. Honey Walnut Conserve Lancaster, PA Wildflower Honey, infused with homegrown thyme and lemon zest enrobe toasted walnuts and combine to create a perfectly suited condiment for a salty blue cheese or with a fresh ricotta as a morning treat. Satrupa Estate Assam Black Tea Assam's round, sweet and malty flavor is the full-bodied base of most Irish breakfast blends - traditional and perfect. The dry leaf is beautiful, made up of black leaves and tobacco-colored golden buds. Our Assam comes from the Satrupa Estate in northeastern India, the mecca of tea.
  • Accompanied by our beautiful Cherry Wood Honey Stick
  • Real, Raw & Sustainable. 1% of profits go to Save the Bees
  • Made in the USA.

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