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Recycled Glass Balloon Vases - Jewel Tones

Quick Overview

Beautiful and bright colors of summer - no matter the season outside, these lovely recycled glass vases bring the warmth of summer to any room.
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Lopsided in just the right way, these oversized, delightful melon-shaped vases can be grouped as a pair to hold tall flowers and branches, placed individually on tabletops, or clustered as a transparent accent. Their flat-bottom surface provides sure-footed stability.

Additional Information

Product Type Vases & Planters
Dimensions Small: 17.3”H x 15” diameter
Tall: 31.5”H x 10.25” diamater
Round: 23.6”H x 13” diameter
Made of Recycled Glass
Collection VivaTerra Signature
Made in Spain
Eco Info

Recycling glass conserves resources. Every ton of glass that is recycled saves more than a ton of the raw materials needed to create new glass, including: 1,300 pounds of sand; 410 pounds of soda ash; and 380 pounds of limestone. Source: About.com

Please Note Due to their recycled nature, perfection and exact uniformity may escape our recycled glass products. But what they lack here, they make up for with charm and individuality. Expect slight product variations in shape, size and color, as well as quirks like small bubbles suspended in the glass.

You may notice visible seams on one side from the formation of each vase.

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