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Root of the Earth Wine Caddy


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We've preserved the fascinating natural swirls, imperfections, deep patina and sculptural contours of the Chinese burl and scooped out a smooth bottle rest to create this distinctive wine caddy. Each piece unique.

Additional Information

SKU V0598
Product Type Wine Accessories
Dimensions Approximately 12"L x 8"W x 6"H
Made of Reclaimed Wood
Collection Root of the Earth
Made in China
Please Note Product and natural finish may vary due to its reclaimed/recycled nature. Due to the natural finish, items may develop a mild tackiness. To remedy, simply wipe clean with a light coating of olive oil.

You may notice a smell accompanying the root of earth items due to the natural oil that is used to finish them. This oil is food safe and to thin the oil you can be wipe off the board with a dry clean cloth.
Product Care Root products are untreated, so cracks and natural variations will likely occur with age and drying. We recommend you keep these items out of direct sunlight or heat. Regular oiling with food-grade oil—such as olive oil—will help to maintain moisture and luster. Not recommended for cooked foods or liquids. Before use, wipe clean with a damp sponge. The natural finish may develop a mild tackiness; to remedy, simply wipe clean with a light coat of olive oil.

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