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Soapstone Trivet (8")


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To bring that chic, rustic look from your oven or fridge to your table, look no further than these beautiful soapstone dishes! Each dinnerware piece is finished to be sleek, smooth and pleasing to the touch, while the nature of the stone also makes them durable as can be. Our soapstone pieces are the perfect vessel for baking or cooling dishes and transition seamlessly between the kitchen and the dining room. These are sure to be an earthy, natural addition to your dining and kitchen décor.

Additional Information

SKU V2185
Product Type Plates
Dimensions 8" diameter
Made of Stone
Eco Info Soapstone is a great choice for natural stone home goods because it is one of the most eco-friendly to harvest. The in small quarries where soapstone is gathered there is no cutting into mountains or digging to extreme depths that harm the earth. Additionally, soapstone is naturally bacteria resistant, so no harsh chemicals are used in its fabrication and it can be cleaned with natural harmless products. Soapstone continues to be eco-friendly after harvest as well; it naturally maintains its temperature, hot or cold, requiring less energy during baking and serving.
Please Note Because items are made from naturally sourced, genuine stone, color, texture, grain, size and shape will vary slightly from product shown. Multiple products of the same color will likely not posses exact or uniform color.