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Bouclé Fabric Table Lamp




Estimated Ship Date: 04/18/2024

The Bouclé Fabric Table Lamp is an exquisite piece of home décor that effortlessly blends functionality and style. Boasting a design where fabric takes center stage, this lamp showcases the elegance and warmth of white bouclé material. Its cozy texture and neutral hue make it a versatile accessory, capable of harmonizing with any interior design scheme, from modern minimalist to rustic charm.

Measuring 20 inches in diameter and 34 inches in height, the lamp is perfectly sized to make a statement in any room. It's designed to accommodate a 40W bulb (not included), ensuring that it provides ample, soft lighting that can warm up a room or complement a brightly lit space.

A distinctive feature of this lamp is its toggle switch, conveniently located on a cloth-wrapped cord, which adds a touch of vintage elegance and practicality. The lamp is handcrafted in India, a testament to its unique quality and the skill of its artisans.

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  • Features cozy white bouclé fabric, adding a touch of sophistication and warmth to any room
  • Neutral hue and texture perfectly complement various interior designs, from modern to rustic
  • Designed for a 40W bulb (not included), providing soft and ample lighting
  • Includes a toggle switch on a cloth-wrapped cord, combining convenience with vintage charm
  • Handcrafted in India, ensuring unique quality and attention to detail

20"Dia. x 34"H

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