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At VivaTerra we are dedicated to bringing an eco-friendly lifestyle to every part of your home decor (and more)! Before it was "trendy" to be green we recognized the importance of this mission and the inherent beauty within it.

Our merchants travel far and wide to bring you the very best products from across the globe, each filled with decorative charm and representative of our commitment to socially and environmentally conscience practices and materials. Below are just a few of the things we look for when creating our collection.

Handmade with Care; Handcrafted, artisan-made

We support artisan and fair trade organizations worldwide to work for healthy working conditions, fair wages, and sustainable development for their communities + helping to provide a sustainable market for their goods, our customers benefit from a selection of unique, artisan- and hand-made goods and gifts for your home and garden.

Recycled; Made using reclaimed or recycled material

Whether crafted with recycled glass, vintage fabrics, salvaged metal or reclaimed wood, we stand behind products created using recycled materials. Each recycled collection possess a singular beauty that makes it irreplaceable.

All Natural; Made using natural materials or inspired by natural forms

We like our products au naturel, because not only do we believe in the quality of nature, but also in protecting it. Ultimately, we believe our products should be as close to their natural form as possible, to benefit us and nature alike.

Made in the USA; Product is producted and made in the US

While we boast an ever-growing list of products made by artisans across the globe, we proudly support the artists, crafters, makers, builders, carpenters and all other types of artisans right in our own backyards by offering products proudly made in the USA. Buying domestically can be more eco-conscious, as it reduces transportation needs and the energy and natural resources expended in the process.

Responsible Wood; Responsibly and sustainable harvested wood

Whether crafted with FSC-certified or reclaimed wood we stand behind products created using recycled materials. Our reclaimed wood collection is one of our most treasured, for its positive impact on limiting deforestation, and because of its distinct aesthetic and individuality.

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