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Plant animals are unique decorations that live on your houseplants or in a terrarium. Simply bend their hands around the stem and enjoy. These cute accessories are water-resistant, so they can get wet when you water your plants. They make great stocking stuffers for the plant lover!

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Our first insect to join the insect gang (and certainly not the last) is our beady-eyed mantis! The mantis slides over the stem of your plants, and will send entomologists wild!

Add some whimsy to your indoor jungle with our dainty Damselfly (like a Dragonfly, but smaller). She will look charming perching on a plant stem or a giant leaf. Simply bend her legs and slide her on.

By gently straddling its legs, the butterfly can rest on the stems of your houseplants or in a bunch of flowers. Inspired by Monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus), this butterfly house plant decoration is intricately etched with details on its wings. If you look close you can see its antenna and curled proboscis - ready for feasting on Milkweed & wildflowers!

The only caterpillar you'll want on your plants! This chubby caterpillar rests on your plants by straddling his legs over the stems. And the best thing? He won't eat them!!

  • Create a 'buzz' in your indoor jungle with our Plant Animal Insect collection
  • Choose from the Butterfly, Caterpillar, Mantis, and Damselfly
  • Etched in metal, these animals rest on your plants (or in a bouquet of flowers!) by gently straddling their legs to bend into place
  • These cute accessories are water-resistant, so they can get wet when you water your plants
  • Made from corrosion-resistant brass
  • A fun gift idea for plant lovers, bug collections, and entomologists
  • Set of 4 includes one of each kind of insect

Each Approx. 1"-1.25"W x 2"-2.25"H

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Brass Plant Pals Insect Collection

V7799 CPL
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