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Dakota Coir Doormat




Estimated Ship Date: 12/11/2023

This generously sized 24" x 36" coir doormat resonates with the grace of a handwoven vintage Southwestern rug. The rich, intricate details of this oversized doormat evoke an immediate sense of luxury, tenderly greeting each guest with an unspoken welcome into your home.

Printed by hand with UV-resistant dyes, the vibrant colors and patterns are set upon 100% brushed coir, a sustainable and natural fiber extracted from the husks of coconut shells. The backing, mindfully crafted with lead-free PVC, ensures durability and adherence.

Known as "coir," these fibers lend the Dakota Doormat an organic texture. Embrace the subtle variations within the doormat's hues as an affirmation of its natural origin. While the printed dyes are made with UV protectants, the mat's colors will gently fade over time as the natural coir fiber commences begins to wear through.

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  • Made with coconut husk fibers, our assortment of durable, natural fiber mats welcomes guests into your home while keeping the dirt outside where it belongs
  • Our coir doormats are hand-printed with UV-resistant dyes on 100% brushed coir with a lead-free PVC backing
  • Natural fibers made of coconut shell husks are known as "coir"
  • Coir mats are best used in a sheltered entry and should not be allowed to sit in standing water for an extended period of time otherwise the fibers will prematurely decompose
  • While the doormats are printed with dyes containing a UV protectant, they will eventually fade over time as the natural coir fiber begins to decompose
  • Coir, being a natural fiber, will have color variations within the doormat
  • Handcrafted in India by our artisan partners

24"W x 36"L x .5"H

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