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Handmade Birch Bark Cuff in Brass favorite




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If you want your look to be a reflection of natural-style, look no further than our collection of botanical jewelry. The jewelry artisan who crafts each piece creates her wearable botanical replicas form actual natural findings of leaves, flowers, twigs and more; the birch tree bark segments featured in this elegant bracelet included. The collected natural elements are cast, and then hand finished and reimagined as beautiful nature-inspired accessories by the artisan.

This gorgeous cuff captures the beauty of natural birch tree bark in solid brass. The ends of the cuff do not meet and the metal is slightly malleable, so it can be adjusted a little to fit the wrist or arm. Woodland-inspired with a refined touch, you're guaranteed to radiate all-natural style and elegance whenever you wear it.

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  • Each wearable piece of nature is cast from an actual natural finding
  • Artisan-crafted by hand in the USA
  • The artisan, Nancy Nelson, donates a portion of all of her woodland jewelry sales to American Forests
  • Measures 3.5" dia. x 1.5"W

Artisan Story
Nancy Nelson is a creator of authentically nature-inspired jewelry, which she makes in collaboration with Mother Nature herself. Nancy's designs range from twigs and leaves to stems and flowers, but each an every piece is cast and created form an actual finding. She realized her passion for jewelry making in a metalsmith class during her collage career as an industrial design major, and after school in 2007, she began her own business. By 2011 the business had grown to a full-operational level and Nancy found the need to grow her home as well. She built an in-home studio where she could continue to be inspired by the natural scenery around her forest home in the Appalachian Mountains , as well as balance her role as a wife and loving mother. You can still find her here today, drawing inspiration from the world around her and translating the marvel for nature she sees in her children's eyes into wearable, all-natural, beautiful jewelry pieces.

Eco Info
Nancy is passionate about creating jewelry with an emphasis on quality, style, sustainability and integrity, while mindfully holding onto her authentic roots as a designer. Protecting Mother Earth is top priority (after all, her designs are picked from the earth itself), so she places high standards on sourcing ethically-mined stones, and using recycled metal when possible. Every piece of jewelry is created with low impact, environmentally conscious practices. She even gives back to nature, by donating a portion of all woodland jewelry sales to American Forests, which helps protect and restore forests worldwide.

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